Easter in NYC – 2021

Hi friends, welcome back, hope you all had a nice weekend! Jon and I celebrated Easter yesterday and had such a nice holiday together. Last year was our first Easter just the two of us, and we weren’t prepared in our lockdown, so this year we planned ahead to make the day more festive!

We decided to make Easter baskets and had a lot of fun surprising each other with some goodies. You know you aren’t a kid anymore when you’re excited to get an electric toothbrush!

I even hid some eggs for Jon and had fun watching him search.

Jon and I watched an online church service while enjoying our coffee in our festive mugs.

I decorated the apartment a few weeks ago, I think Easter decor is so cute!

Jon and I worked out, and I did my 200th Peloton ride and got a personal record!

Cinnamon rolls are a holiday tradition in my family, so of course we had to make some! They were perfect after my ride. The sugar crash was worth it ha!

We facetimed with our families and then it was time to make dinner. We baked some salmon with a little olive oil and had a side salad with dried cherries, candied pecans, goat cheese tossed in some vinaigrette dressing.

We ended the night with a fresh, warm brownie!

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend!

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  1. Couldn’t help but notice the “Magnolia Table” book lying between your baskets, Lyssy. You and my daughter would get along great. She bought one of Joanna’s baskets for her boyfriend’s Easter basket this year, knowing he would keep the goodies inside but have no interest in the basket. Clever girl.

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