Portsmouth, New Hampshire – Part 2

Hi friends, welcome back to the final installment of my East Coast Road Trip!

Our morning started with coffee and popovers at Popovers on the Square. This was our first Popover experience and we had ours with a little honey butter and it was perfect! They were so flakey and sweet, perfect for a light breakfast.

Afterwards we drove over to the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse overlooking the Piscataqua River. We weren’t able to see the lighthouse up close, but we parked at the Great Island Common park and walked along the shore to get a better look.

There’s something about being by the water that is so soothing to me.

Jon and I skipped rocks on New Castle Beach on our way to the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built to protect the Portsmouth Harbor, which was one of the most bustling harbors in the early days of America. It was one of the first ten lighthouses in the colonies, and the first one north of Boston constructed. Usually the lighthouse is open to the public, but it was closed because of Covid.

We were soaking up our last day of Vacation together.

Whaleback Lighthouse is way off in the distance and was built in 1872.

The Wood Island Life Saving Station was used as a military hospital during the Spanish-American War before becoming part of the U.S. Coast Guard in 1915. There is a lot of war history in this structure, and it’s currently being restored.

All the fresh air made us hungry, and it was Halloween, so we headed to Cold Stone Creamery to get their “Boolicious” ice cream cone. Wasn’t quite how it was pictured on Instagram, but it was still quite tasty!

We ended our vacation with some amazing poke bowls from Ohana Kitchen.

On our way back from grabbing dinner I walked to the town square to catch some pictures of the Blue Moon.

That wraps up our East Coast Road Trip! Hope you all enjoyed reading and are inspired to visit some of these amazing cities! Now I need to go on another trip 🙂


11 thoughts on “Portsmouth, New Hampshire – Part 2

  1. We go to Great Island Common every year for our fall geocachers picnic. I love it there – so pretty. Never been to that popover place – it’s on my list now! Maybe I’ll head down there next weekend.

    1. Great island Common is so pretty! Would be the perfect spot for a picnic. Enjoy the popovers 😊

  2. Portsmouth is certainly a good idea for a weekend away; your post reminded me of some familiar sights. Now that spring is coming there will be more opportunities for getaways.

  3. Next time you go to New Hampshire (when the weather is better and more places are open) hike in the white mountains of Franconia Notch. We loved it.

    1. I’ve heard great things about the White Mountains! I’m excited to hike more now that we have a car

  4. Love the church steeple photos. It seems the most elegant steeples in this country – complete with clocks – are all in New England. Also, your photos made me think you and Jon would enjoy the contrast of the West Coast, especially California (if you haven’t been). I grew up north of San Diego and it’s an entirely different feel out there – sand instead of rocks, bigger waves, and long expanses of beach instead of NE’s quaint harbors and ports.

    1. I agree – New England does have beautiful steeples! I have not been to California yet, but I’ve been dying to go! Jon lived in LA for two years and misses the weather. We have friends out there to visit, so one day we’ll make it back out there.

  5. We live in Portsmouth off of Market Street. So fun to see it from a visitor’s point of view!

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