Portsmouth, New Hampshire – Part One

Hi friends, welcome back to the final destination of my East Coast Road Trip! Jon and I woke up in Kennebunkport, Maine to a very chilly morning! We enjoyed every last minute with the cozy fireplace in our room before heading south about forty-five minutes to Portsmouth, NH. On our way we stopped for some sugary breakfast at Congdon’s Doughnuts and to pick up a whoopie pie for later. Apparently you can’t leave Maine without trying a Whoopie Pie – fine by me!

While we were driving south, we saw SNOW (it was October 30th)! Jon and I did not prepare for snow, so we were quite cold most of our time in Portsmouth. I called our inn and they were kind enough to let us check in early so we could relax in the warm room. We stayed at the Sailmaker’s House and it had one of the comfiest beds I’d ever stayed in! I wanted to take all of the pillows and bedding home with me!!

I would highly recommend staying at the Sailmaker’s House if you are in Portsmouth! We were about a two block walk from town and the rooms were incredibly cozy and comfortable. The room was super clean and spacious, the hosts could not have been more accommodating, and there was free parking.

On the same street as our accommodation there is the Strawbery Banke Museum (I promise there is only one “b” in Strawbery), a ten-acre historic village with thirty-two buildings dating back to 1695. During the open season the outdoor Museum is filled with role players depicting what life was like back then and you can go inside the restored buildings. The museum was closes mid-October, but we enjoyed walking around and admiring the old buildings.

Even though we could barely feel our fingers and toes, the first snow of the year was still beautiful!

We then walked over to the Memorial Bridge that crosses the Piscataqua River to connect Portsmouth and Kittery, Maine. This bridge is dedicated to the soldiers of WWI and has a pedestrian walkway, but unfortunately we were too cold to take a stroll.


Jon and I ended our chilly first day in Portsmouth with AMAZING Thai food from 5 Thai Bistro. This place was packed with takeout orders so we knew it must be good, and it was even better than we expected. I went with the Drunken Noodles and Jon opted for the Pad Thai.

We had a great first day exploring Portsmouth and getting a feel for the historic city. Stay tuned for our second day in Portsmouth and finale of our East Coast Road Trip!




11 thoughts on “Portsmouth, New Hampshire – Part One

    1. Thank you!! You’ll have to make it back, such a cool state with so much to see 😊

  1. Love the name of your hotel and it looks very cozy. Strawbery Banke Museum sounds like a smaller version of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia – have you been? CW is large enough to feel completely immersed in Early America (especially with dozens of costumed character actors strolling the streets). If you and Jon keep up these New England trips watch out – you’re bound to move north someday!

    1. I haven’t been to Virginia yet but I know I would like Colonial Williamsburg! The town I grew up in has a small Victorian village I always thought was cool. I wouldn’t mind moving north! I think spending summers in lake placid would be neat!

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