Portland, Maine Part Three – Lighthouses Galore

Hi friends, welcome back! I’m sharing the third and final installment of my time in Portland, Maine today, so be sure to check out my last posts if you haven’t already! On our second and last full day in Portland, Jon and I started off with some coffee at Bard Coffee and it was yummy!

We walked around the city looking for ornaments and other souvenirs before sitting down for lunch at The Honey Paw. Our walking tour guide said this restaurant was one of his favorites, and he did not let us down! Jon and I started with fried bread and it was as good as it sounds.

It was a colder day, so the hot food was just what we needed. Jon ordered the Khao Soi – with egg noodle, smoked lamb, coconut curry, mustard greens, jalapeño, lime, crispy noodles. I tried a bite and it was flavor packed and quite spicy!

I order the Biang Biang – hand-pulled noodle, braised beef, szechuan chili crisp, cumin, cilantro. It was so flavorful and spicy! This dish was so fresh, and I’d definitely order this again. I wish I could eat this once a week, it was so delicious and somewhat nutritious.

After lunch, Jon and I went chasing Portland’s famous lighthouses. The first one we found was the lesser famous one at Two Lights State Park. Unfortunately you can’t get super close, but it was still cool to see.

Our favorite part of seeing this lighthouse was actually climbing along the rocky coast. There’s something so tranquil about staring out into the ocean and not being able to see to the other side. It makes the world seem so enormous and reminds me of how much there is to see and discover out there.

This would’ve been a beautiful place to watch the sunset if you are visiting, but we enjoyed staring out yonder.

Daylight was not on our side, so we hopped in the car and headed to one of the most famous lighthouses in the country, Portland Head Light. This is also the oldest lighthouse in Maine! We went on an overcast,  Friday afternoon in October during a pandemic, and the lighthouse was still quite busy. I can’t imagine fighting to get THE picture in a typical summer.

I could’ve spent hours here taking pictures, these are some of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken!

Even on an overcast day it’s still absolutely beautiful. I would love to be here for a sunrise or sunset, it would be breathtaking!

Can’t visit the lighthouse without selfies and tons of pictures to prove it 🙂

The waves crashing against the Atlantic Coast was so stunning, I hope everyone gets a chance to see this in person one day.

Jon and I would be remiss to visit Portland without spending some time at a brewery, so we headed to Novare Res Bier Garden. How fancy does that sound ha! We had a small happy hour with some soft pretzels, a cider for me, and beer for Jon.

I LOVED the atmosphere here! Usually at a brewery, you would think it would be loud and rambunctious, but it was completely opposite here. Everyone sat at a spaced-out picnic table, there was chill music playing, and everyone was in their own little world and didn’t have to try talking over people.

On our walk back, we stopped at Gelato Fiasco and had THE BEST gelato I’ve ever tasted!! I am slightly glad there isn’t a location in NYC because I’d become addicted ha! If you are in Portland you MUST go here, it’s incredible!

To end our night, we ordered a pizza from Pizzaiolo and rested up for our drive to Bar Harbor, Maine the following morning. I absolutely loved our time in Portland and it’ an incredible city everyone should visit. The food was amazing, there’s tons of breweries, a coast with beaches, and a bit of history, something for everyone!

Thanks for reading the third and final installment of my trip to Portland! Next stop, Acadia National Park!



19 thoughts on “Portland, Maine Part Three – Lighthouses Galore

  1. The photos of the lighthouses and the coast are breathtaking. I can only imagine what it all looks like being there in person. I have been wanting to go to Portland, Maine for awhile hopefully next year I will be able to go.

  2. I love this park (Maine’s oldest geocache is also here). Many of Maine’s lighthouses give beautiful backdrops, especially if there’s stormy weather. Being a gelato connoisseur, I will check that place out when I’m down there again.

    1. Maine is so beautiful! You will love the gelato! They had lots of unique flavors too so you could go back every day 😀

  3. I can relate to your attraction to lighthouses. I also went to the Portland Head Light and took tons of pictures.The sea was calm and the sky blue, but somehow your photos with the waves and clouds make the atmosphere better.

  4. I bet it is absolutely beautiful with snow surrounding it as well. Putting it on my list of places to visit. I imagine Portland Head Lighthouse is one of the most photographed Lighthouses in the U.S.

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