Fall 2020 Bucket List 🍁

Hi friends, happy Monday! Tax returns have kept me very busy lately, but in my few minutes of spare time, I’m dreaming all about fall! This fall is going to be very different, but there’s still plenty of fall festivities to make life feel a little more normal. I love fall because it’s a prelude to Christmas, my favorite time of year! I love holiday themed decorations, foods, and movies and I’ve already started making my way through this list!


Fall 2020 Bucket List:

  • See the leaves change color in Central Park

  • Carve a pumpkin 🎃

  • Roast pumpkin seeds

  • Decorate for Halloween – I can check this one off already and I can’t wait to share pictures 🙂

  • Watch Halloween movies (I don’t like any of the scary ones!)

    • Hocus Pocus

    • Halloweentown series

    • Charlie Brown

    • Hotel Transylvania

    • Monster’s Inc.

  • Go to the Cider Mill

  • Make a pumpkin recipe – I love pumpkin bread!

  • Eat some candy corn and Halloween candy 🍬 – Snicker’s is my fav!

  • Listen to Monster Mash and Thriller on repeat

  • Visit a pumpkin patch

  • Eat a caramel apple

  • Go on a Hayride

  • Drink apple cider and/or pumpkin beer

  • Make pumpkin waffles/ pancakes for breakfast

  • Burn a fall scented candle

  • Visit a fall festival

  • Attend the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze- this is a giant pumpkin festival in New York that’s easily accessible by train. They have over 40,000 carved pumpkins on display so I’m excited for this incredible sight!

  • Wear a flannel

  • Read a Halloween Book

  • Decorate Halloween Cookies

  • Make a Spooky Gingerbread House

  • Wear a Halloween themed shirt

  • Take a drive to see some fall foliage

  • Make a Halloween themed candy charcuterie board


Let me know if I missed any or any fun fall traditions you have!

17 thoughts on “Fall 2020 Bucket List 🍁

  1. They all sound fun and are spurring me on to create my caramel apple fritter recipe and maybe repost my pumpkin spice bagel recipe with some tweaks. Happy list checking!

  2. I actually was scared during my first watching of hocus pocus but loved it afterwards. I was surprised to find that my favorite NCIS character was the teenage boy in this movie. Although I have never been able to get through thru the movie, I love the song TIME WARP.

    1. I think you’re talking about Rocky Horror a picture show. I haven’t seen that but know all the songs from glee and really liked Time Warp too!

  3. Wow this is amazing. I love how seriously you guys in the US take Halloween. Its not really ‘celebrated’ here other than one night of children going out trick or treating. Sounds like an amazing Fall (autumn to us English 😂). Look forward to seeing the results 💕

    1. Hahah I just saw someone in the UK I follow on Instagram say that they don’t celebrate Halloween/fall like we do here and I was shocked! I’ll be sure to share some festivities with you! Have a great week 💕

  4. That candy charcuterie board – oh my; nice image to leave us with. Trader Joe’s also has wonderful ginger cookie ice cream sandwiches – hard to find but they seem to show up this time of year. Look for them; they definitely belong on a fall season bucket list.

    1. Yum! Those sound delicious!! I have never seen those before but will keep my eyes open it I make it to Trader Joe’s. I haven’t been since quarantine started because it’s a ways away, but I’m having some majors withdrawals- I love all their fall items.

  5. I think I am most excited about your halloween charcuterie board. I may have to jump on that band wagon and make one this year BUT You will have to share what I need to grab from the store first! lol
    Now that I live in driving distance from Trader Joe’s I can make these fun halloween food things happen! 😉

    1. Thank you!! When I was a kid we carved pumpkins every year, but I haven’t carved any since moving to nyc 🎃

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