Miami Vacation Part 2 – A Day in South Beach

Hi friends, welcome to Miami part 2! (In case you missed part one, you can catch up here :)) Picking right up where I left off, on our second morning in Miami, Jon and I headed back to Cachito for coffee. Jon got the basic cold brew and I got a French press to warm me up. The wind was a lot lighter so we finally had our peaceful stroll along the beach. I was looking forward to walking along the beach with my coffee the most this trip, and it finally happened! It was also about 10 degrees warmer, so I was very happy I had another full day in Miami.


After our walk, we packed up and headed to our hotel in South Beach (SOBE). When I was originally looking for hotels in Miami, I knew that SOBE was the cool place to be, but because Jon only found out about his conference a month before, our hotel options were limited. Luckily Jon’s firm booked him a hotel at the Hyatt Centric in SOBE so we got the best of both worlds!

We dropped off our bags and then ventured out to explore a bit and grab some brunch. We went to Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar and it was a cool, casual café. I’d definitely come here frequently if I lived in the area. Jon and I were both craving breakfast food so I ordered the Pancakes Breakfast with three pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. These pancakes were so delicious and so was the syrup! I would order this again. I noticed that I almost always order pancakes when we got out for brunch/breakfast.


Jon got the Open Face Breakfast Sandwich and It was delicious! I tried a bite and there was the perfect hint of spice that was so tasty! Definitely check this place out if you’re in SOBE.


We headed for a walk along the beach afterwards, and it was a lot more crowded than in North Beach. There were people spread out all over the beach soaking up the sun. I also noticed that the sand here seemed rockier than in North Beach even though it’s not much further south.


My favorite thing to do in South Beach was walk along the boardwalk. It was shady with a nice breeze and was so relaxing. I wish NYC was green and fresh like this!


We hung out by the pool in a shady cabana and it was so relaxing! I joked that I hope our future kids get Jon’s tan skin!


Relaxing all day made us hungry so we headed to Spicy’n’Icy for some gelato-based ice cream! I got the salted caramel and Jon picked the mint cookies’n’cream. His ice cream was very minty!


For dinner we just wanted to get some take out so we headed to Blocks Pizza Deli. There were a lot of great reviews on Yelp! but unfortunately, we were underwhelmed so I wouldn’t recommend going here. It can be hard to find great pizza when we have some of the best in NYC!


On my last morning in Miami, I headed back to Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar for some cold brew and a quick walk along the beach. It was such a nice day so it was hard to head back and finish packing, but I was excited to head back to NYC. As much as I loved escaping south for the weekend, Miami just isn’t my city. I don’t like laying out by the beach, I’m not into clubbing, and my hair sadly just can’t handle any humidity. Jon and I were talking, and we concluded that our favorite things to do on vacation are hiking, eating out, exploring, and visiting museums. Our next planned vacation is to Newport, Rhode Island for Memorial Day and I’m looking forward to planning that trip and sharing it with you all.





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