Christmas Trees in NYC Worth Seeing

Hi friends, welcome back! I wish I could just freeze time right now, it seems like this Christmas season is flying by so fast!!  There’s only two more weeks until Christmas and I’m only in the city for another week. Either Thanksgiving was really late this year, or I’m getting older 😉 Anyways, the city is covered in lights and Christmas trees and I love it so much! Today I’m sharing Christmas trees worth seeing in the city besides Bryant Park and Rockefeller. These trees are great because they aren’t as crowded so you can really enjoy! Let me know if I’m missing any 🙂

LOTTE PALACE – I would say this is the third most popular tree in the city besides Bryant Park and Rockefeller. I think this is one of the prettiest trees in the city and this year I went inside Lotte Palace and saw some of the pretty holiday décor. Lotte Palace is famous partly because they filmed a lot of Gossip Girl scenes there.


WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK – this tree is so pretty under the arch!


WALL STREET – I walk by this tree every day going to work and it makes me so happy! At night the New York Stock Exchange lights up red and green, so festive!


SEAPORT DISTRICT – this tree is close to where I live, I love all the big trees everywhere!




METLIFE BUILDING – I stumbled upon this tree when my subway was delayed and I decided to walk to work


As an added bonus, here’s a sneak peak of one of our cheery engagement pictures!


I hope this post brought some cheer to you day 🙂 I’ll see you guys next week!

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