NYC Christmas Decorations Apartment Tour 2019

Hi friends, welcome to my version of the North Pole! Decorating for Christmas and buying new decorations brings me so much joy and I love being able to share this with you all. I dream of having a house to decorate one day, but I think my apartment turned out great! I’m in 24/7 Christmas mode so be to sure to check out my NYC Christmas Bucket List to join in on the holiday cheer 🙂


I started collecting ornaments on my trips a few years ago, and this year I have new ornaments from Puerto Rico, Scotland, and Vermont! We also got an ornament from my sister’s after our engagement that’s very special, and some MSU/Michigan from Jon’s mom last year. I love the memories and meanings behind our ornaments and it makes decorating even more fun and sentimental!


This is our tree that we bought November 4, 2017 and we started with only a few ornaments, and now it’s getting filled.


One of our traditions is buying an ornament at Macy’s.


This was the tree at our first Christmas together 🙂

The best Christmas books, just missing the Grinch!


I got this stocking this year and I think it fits me perfectly! Jon is still searching for his. I can’t wait to have a mantle and fireplace to hang these over.


I love how festive the garland is on the TV stand.


This galvanized tree is my new favorite decoration this year! I got the tree at TJ Maxx and replaced the ornaments with these cute little ones from Pottery Barn. I think it turned out so cute!


This Joy sign is new this year that we got from TJ Maxx as well, we seem to gravitate towards canvas/wood decorations.


This little gingerbread train is one of my favorite decorations. Everything is my favorite if you couldn’t tell by now 🙂


Moving into the kitchen, we got a cute stack of coffee mugs this year.


Another wooden sign, and a cute spoon rest picked out specially for me by my mom.


This window sill makes me happy! Run, don’t walk to get these $1 advent calendars at Trader Joe’s, they’re so great!


This snowman is so cute, I like keeping him up for a while after Christmas until I’m ready for spring. This little Santa was a gift from my grandma last year and he’s so special! I also got this little ornament heart that’s very cute.


This snowman candy cane holder is a little naked, but as soon as I see candy canes I’m going to grab them! This was in my house growing up so I love having him here in my apartment.


This Christmas countdown is so me because I have a random love for cheetah! As of today 11/13, there are only 6 weeks until Christmas!!!


I also got this doormat to match my stocking, but it doesn’t quite fit under the door. Maybe when I have a house it will!


I think that’s all, folks! I hope you enjoyed this quick trip the NYC North Pole 🙂






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