Puerto Rico Part 3 – Exploring San Juan

I’m sharing our final days in Puerto Rico today! In case you missed part one and part two, you can read them here and here.


Jon and I went down to Old San Juan after we explored Castillo San Cristobal. Our first destination was the famous Umbrella Street. This street was packed and very colorful!


I also love the buildings in Old San Juan, they’re so cool and colorful. They reminded me a little of Rainbow Row in Charleston. The city was so packed from the festival that Jon and I got overwhelmed quickly and were ready to head back.fullsizeoutput_f84fullsizeoutput_f7ffullsizeoutput_f82fullsizeoutput_f80fullsizeoutput_f7c

The roads were blocked off pretty far from where we were, so we knew it would be a long walk to catch an uber so we decided to get some ice cream. We both got salted caramel gelato. I love some good ice cream on a hot day!fullsizeoutput_f73

That night we went out to 1950 for dinner and it was amazing! This was my favorite dinner of the trip. We ordered fish tacos for an appetizer and then we shared this massive bowl! It had rice, steak, ham, and a few other ingredients. Every bite was so flavorful, I’d highly recommend this place!fullsizeoutput_f74eQUvs4y9R4aa9anJD1Vm3Q.jpg

On our last morning Jon and I got coffee at Pinky’s and walked along the beach. It was such a relaxing morning together and perfect way to end the trip!fullsizeoutput_f75UWUI9MULQc6Wu4v08N8YQ.jpg

I spy a crab!


Jon and I would recommend visiting Puerto Rico if you haven’t. We didn’t get a chance to explore the rainforest, but that’s on our list. We think that a 5-day trip would be the perfect amount of time to see everything. The weather is great, and the flight is about 4 hours so it’s a nice getaway, and you can use your phone without it being international.

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