Our First Anniversary

Jon and I celebrated our one-year anniversary last Tuesday. He suggested that we make dinner together at the apartment so that we wouldn’t have to worry about other people sitting right on top of us. Sometimes it’s a little awkward how close the tables are at restaurants here, it’s like you’re on a double date.


After Jon got home from work we went to the grocery store and picked up some salmon and wine.


This recipe is very simple, but so delicious!


All we did was drizzle the pieces of salmon with a generous amount of olive oil, and then add some salt and pepper to the top.


We folded up the foil and baked the salmon at 350* for 20-25ish minutes depending on the desired wellness and oven.


We then put the salmon on a bed of Jasmine rice that we made in a rice cooker.


Jon got me a new Pandora bracelet to symbolize our everlasting love and our new home together, he’s so sweet and thoughtful ❤️


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