What’s Up: May

I’m going to start linking up with the first blogger I ever read, Shay Shull, for my What’s Up posts. Each month I’ll be answering the following questions:


  1. What I’m eating: I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately. You can check out my favorite recipe here.
  2. What I’m reminiscing about: how much fun I’ve had with my work friends and how much I’m going to miss them!
  3. What I’m loving: busy season is officially over and I have time to travel again. You can see my post about my time in NYC after tax season and I’m currently in Portland with the family to see my sister Lauren.
  4. What I’m dreading: packing and downsizing
  5. What I’m Up to: vacationing in Portland, it’s amazing how refreshing the air here seems
  6. What I’m working on: upping the blog game 🙂 I just bought a camera that I”m excited to figure out
  7. What I’m excited about: my trip to Portland! I’ve never been to the West Coast before. I”m excited to hike and see the mountains. Hopefully the weather holds out for us.
  8. What I’m watching: Jon and I finished This is Us and are in a bit of a showhole; any recommendations friends??
  9. What I’m listening to: my favorite song at the moment is Mine by Bazzi
  10. What I’m doing this weekend: PORTLANDIA; lots of exploring, eating, and hiking
  11. What I’m looking forward to next month: Seeing friends and family before I literally become Lyssy in the City
  12. What else is new: I figured out how to use my camera 🙂

4 thoughts on “What’s Up: May

  1. Have fun in Portland!
    If you’ve never watched Pretty Little Liars you guys should! It’s on Netflix, I was late to the game but ended up watching it all and LOvED it!

  2. If you like history, I loved “The Crown”. There are two seasons to watch. It is called a “Watch, pause, google” show. Had to check historical facts. Was shocked to find out that the king that abdicated in the 40’s had a secret pact with the Nazi government. Even Kyle like it.
    For laughs we are currently watching Grace and Frankie. Two women whose husbands
    leave them for each other.

    1. My mom and Kristen just started watching “The Crown” and really like it, I’ll have to give it a try! That sounds pretty interesting. Grace and Frankie sounds like a good show to balance it out 🙂

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