Positano – One Last Day

Hi friends, welcome back to my Italy series! On our last full day in Positano we planned to take the ferry to Capri, but the Positano port was closed for construction, so we took it as a sign to have one pure day of relaxation. I would’ve loved to see Capri and take another ferry ride, but I was also happy to soak up all the time in Positano. We slept in a little and I went out on the balcony to take some pictures on the peaceful morning. I wouldn’t mind waking up to this view every day!


We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and our coffees at the restaurant downstairs.

Our hotel was located on Fornillo Beach about a five-minute walk from the main beach and port. It was a lot quieter over here especially because the ferries can’t dock here. You can rent beach chairs for the day and get drinks and food from the beach club. One thing to note about the beaches here is that they’re rocky and hurt your feet. Even the cool people wear water shoes.

Positano is a colorful paradise.

In town the main beach is called Spiaggia Beach and there’s a mixture of beach clubs and free beach access. I’m not a beach person so we didn’t spend much time over here.

The most popular view of Positano is taken from the sidewalk near the Music on the Rocks disco club. That’s not our scene but if you’re into disco clubs, that’s the place to go.

We couldn’t see the sunset, but twilight was so serene.

Positano at night is equally as beautiful.

Jon and I absolutely loved Positano! It was such a beautiful and relaxing place to end our trip. We loved being right on the water and having our balcony to relax on. We also thought the food was very good and not crazy expensive. We were here for five nights and that felt like a good amount of time. I think if we were here longer than a week we’d start to get bored, but if you enjoy relaxing on a beautiful beach then you could stay here forever. I’ve got one final post of our last night in Rome and then this series will be complete. Stay tuned for the final installment.

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39 thoughts on “Positano – One Last Day

  1. Sometimes, the right thing to do on vacation is to stop all the go and do stuff and just pretend to live like a local. That is the one thing I have learned in the last many years of travel. Sometimes the place you want to be is right where you are. Happy Monday Lyssy. Allan

    1. I agree! I like to see it all, but then I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. It was especially nice to have this day at the end of our trip. Just as we were totally relaxed it was time to head back to Rome.

  2. What a wonderful series and an unforgettable trip. It was worth waiting for and glad you shared it.

    1. It really was our favorite trip we’ve ever taken and worth the wait! Glad you’ve enjoyed following along 🙂

  3. I’d say your last day’s itinerary (or lack of) was meant to be; the final flourish of a perfect several days of sightseeing and relaxation. Too bad the beaches aren’t sandy. And I have to ask, do they set up and take down all those umbrellas every night? It’s like they use a ruler to make perfect rows 🙂

    1. I think it was meant to be too! It would be nice if the beaches were sandy, the rocks really hurts without shoes on. They do put out the umbrellas every night. It does look perfect, maybe they’ve done it so many times it’s just second nature. Makes for great pictures!

  4. Wow, so many amazing photos, Lyssy! Winding streets, pastel facades, uber-fresh seafood, sweeping views and local dishes on colourful patios… Of all the places on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is perhaps the most magical. I am glad to hear you enjoyed your time there. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

    1. Thank you! It really is a picture perfect town, especially with a sunny day. It really is a magical town. We were so happy to finally be visiting. Hope you have a good day too 🙂

    1. The beach was great for views and people watching! We preferred sitting on the balcony so we could enjoy the views without hurting our feet. It was such a wonderful five days!

  5. It’s lovely to have downtime on occasion – disappointing not to get to Capri I know – happened to us once when bad weather stopped the trip over to the island. But if you had to while away some spare time then Positano is not a bad place!!!

    1. It is nice to actually relax on vacation for a change! Capri gives me a reason to go back one day 🙂 I wanted to ride the chairlift up for the views. Positano was a great place to have an extra day for sure!

    1. It’s such a charming town! You’re right, Capri is a perfect reason to go back one day 🙂

  6. Positano looks so beautiful, and I love all the colorful houses lining the mountains by the beach area. Also, magnificent views at night with the lights, so gorgeous!!!!

    1. The views so not get old, that’s for sure! I always love being near water too, it is very relaxing to me. Hard to believe the trip is finally over on the blog!

  7. This looks like an awesome final day of relaxation! I’m just so I’m awe of the colorful buildings and they way they’re all built into the cliffs.

    1. It’s such a beautiful and charming town! It was a great last day, we were 10000% relaxed 🙂

  8. I’m sure you enjoyed the tranquility of Positano one more time. We spent a weekend in Naples recently and took the ferry from there to Capri. It’s a beautiful small island but very, very crowded.

    1. It was nice to soak in all the tranquility and beauty of Positano. Capri seems like a nice place to spend the day, but I have heard that about the crowds.

    1. It was the perfect final day in Positano! So glad you loved this series 🙂 I need to get working on Switzerland before I forget what we did haha

  9. It’s too bad that the ferry was closed and you weren’t able to take a day trip to Capri. But as you said, spending more time in Positano didn’t seem like that terrible of a back-up option. Lovely captures of the beach and village. It’s neat to see the contract between daylight and night.

  10. I’ve LOVED your Positano posts and the photography you captured here is just absolutely and completely stunning. From the Path of the Gods hike to the Limoncello spritzes and balcony views, it sounds like the most heavenly place to have ended your trip. I simply cannot wait to visit this place one day (hopefully soon)! 💕

  11. The beach may not be the most beautiful, but the scenery around it is wonderful. Positano is a good choice for getting to know the Italian seaside life.

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