Battery Park Spring Tour 2023

Hi friends, welcome back! Today I’m taking you through the spring blooms in Battery Park. We live about ten minutes away so we get to see these pretty blooms often. I’ll start today’s tour at Zuccotti Park. After all the Christmas lights come down, this small park is filled with colorful tulips.

Pumphouse Park is my favorite spot of the tour, I just love all of the pretty tulips and cherry blossoms. The tulips this year are a little behind schedule compared to other spots in the city, but once they bloom this spot is so magical. In the summer the tulips are replaced with giant hydrangeas.

Brookfield Place is a popular spot to hangout in Lower Manhattan. Jon and I love to get coffee and sit by the water when the weather is nice. Inside are offices, restaurants, and a high-end mall with stores ranging from Louis Vuitton to Lululemon.

Moving south towards Battery Park there are great paths along the water that are always full of people walking, running, or sitting on the benches enjoying the views. This is a great spot to watch the sunset or catch a glimpse of Lady Liberty.

The Wagner Park area of Battery Park is currently under construction to build a “coastal flood control system”.  Hurricane Sandy caused extensive damage to Battery Park, so they’re working on preventing damage from future storms. You can see what it will look like here.


You may recall from my Lower Manhattan tour that this park was originally part of the harbor, but was filled in later and enjoyed by everyone that makes it to the southern tip of Manhattan.

This park is usually pretty busy because it’s next to where the Staten Island Ferry disembarks, where boats to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island depart, and a spacious green space for people to enjoy. In the summer this lawn is full of people having picnics and enjoying the fresh air.

As you can see from this Statue of Liberty boat, NYC is busy again!

Heading back home I walked by Bowling Green park where the famous Wall Street Bull is and the line was so long! Jon and I walked by in April 2020 at the height of Covid lockdowns, and there was nobody around.

Hope you enjoyed this spring tour of Battery Park!


26 thoughts on “Battery Park Spring Tour 2023

      1. For some reason it’s popular to take a picture with the bulls unmentionables 😅

    1. We are so lucky, it’s such a beautiful park. I enjoy being near the water, even if it’s not the cleanest.

  1. Thanks for another great tour Lyssy. We loved this area when we walked there in 2013. All the pretty posies just shout spring is here. So nice to have such a display in the big city. We are still dressed in drab brown here Lyssy, with no flowers for a few more weeks, but I hear they are coming. Happy Wednesday. Allan

    1. So glad you enjoyed this post and have spent time in this great park. We are having a nice spring here, these next few weeks are going to be in the 60s, it usually is nice for two weeks then becomes unbearably hot fast. I look forward to seeing the spring blooms on your walks.

  2. The views of Pumphouse Park and beyond from the adjacent commercial (and residential?) buildings must be spectacular. I’m sure the rents are spectacular too – ha. I’m not impressed with the NJ skyline across the harbor. Just another lineup of glass boxes. Thank goodness NYC has retained so much of its historical architecture or it’d look just as ordinary.

    1. The views are great, I love views of unobstructed water. Further south along Battery Park is mostly residential. NYers like to say NJ is the armpit of America (like Michiganders think of Ohio) so I’d have to agree the skyline isn’t very impressive. NYC has a very eclectic mix of architecture.

    1. We are so lucky to have this great park so close! It’s a nice place to walk and get some fresh air, I always find it relaxing to walk along the river.

    1. Whoever is in charge of the planting in NYC really does a great job! There are so many beautiful flowers and trees.

  3. Great to see that spring is in full swing throughout NYC. Also glad to see Mr. Bull is still there, seems just like yesterday that I stopped to give him a look while exploring in and around Wall Street.

  4. These lovely parks with a view of the Hudson River provide an opportunity to get some space while Lower Manhattan is so densely built up. It seems that the line at the back of the bull is longer than the one at the front, which makes you wonder what kind of people visit your neighbourhood.

  5. Lyssy, now I’m going to have to plan four trips to NYC! I’ve always wanted to visit during the fall, but since you showed us around at Christmas, I want to come then too. Now, with your beautiful spring shots, I want to visit in the spring! If you were planning a probably-once, trip which season would you choose?

    1. I’ve thought about it now and I think the fall is the best time to visit. The weather is usually really nice, spring can be hit or miss with when the blooms are too. The cherry blossoms are already mostly gone! It seems that the last week in Ocotber/first week of November is when the leaves change, and upstate NY is a week or two before that. For Christmas decor you would only need 2-3 days to really get the feel of it, so that could be an easy weekend trip of just flying in/out.

      1. I’d also try to avoid July/August because it’s miserably hot and January and February are usually really cold.

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