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Hi friends, welcome back! A few weeks ago Jon and I were treated to our second omakase experience at Genki Omakase. This Noho restaurant offers a 13-course tasting menu for $78 or a 17-course tasting menu for $98. It is also BYOB, but we were fine with our sparkling water. We were very excited to taste each piece and it’s always fun to watch the chefs work their magic to create such beautiful, bite-sized works of art.

Kumamoto Oyster – this was my first time trying oyster, and it was seasoned well, but the texture was a little too much for me. I felt brave for trying it though!

Awabi – a type of seasnail that is a delicacy and has a similar texture of a scallop


Kanpachi – a type of kingfish related to tuna

Hirame – Japanese for Flounder

Shima Aji – striped horse mackerel

Madai – a Sea Bream fish often eaten on special occasions

Kinmedai – splendid alfonsino, a red fish with very large eyes because it is typically found at depths of 400-600 meters

King Salmon

Akamizuke – Bluefin tuna

Botan Ebi – large shrimp

Hotate – scallops

Hokkaido Uni – I realized that uni isn’t my favorite taste. It is the edible part of a sea urchin.

O’toro – fatty part of a tuna fish

Albacore Tuna

A5 Wagyu+Uni+Foie Gras

Unagi – which is an eel flavored sweet biscuit. This tasted more like apple flavored oatmeal, so maybe I’m missing something.

We enjoyed our tasting menu at Genki Omakase! It’s always fun trying new things and I especially love watching the chef prepare each piece. My favorites of the day were the Hirame, Shima Aji, and O’toro but everything tasted so fresh and high quality. Would you try this tasting menu?

24 thoughts on “Genki Omakase NYC Restaurant

  1. Beautifully presented and I have eaten my share of raw seafood over time. My share was relatively small and yet too much. Just a prairie boy who is thrilled that fire was invented. Good on you for trying it all. Happy Monday Lyssy. Allan

    1. It is beautifully presented, that maybe helps me not know what exactly I’m eating. I looked up everything after I got home. I used to be the person that ordered teriyaki chicken at sushi restaurants, so I’ve come a long way!

  2. I have to admit, I would absolutely despise this entire menu. I don’t like seafood at all – mostly due to the taste, but I have to imagine the texture of many of these things would also gross me out. If I liked seafood, though, I could see how this would be a fun opportunity. Glad you guys enjoyed it!

    1. I’m in Diana’s camp on this one, Lyssy. Good on you for being so adventurous but I think the textures would do me in before the tastes. On that note, I’m not surprised the oyster didn’t agree with you since you’re not a fan of mushrooms. I’d try a handful of these items but only the ones that look or sound tame enough. Also, what are the bubbly toppings we see on several of the dishes – caviar?

      1. It helped that I didn’t really know what anything was besides the salmon/tuna of course. I enjoy sashimi so the texture wasn’t weird to me, but I was that way before I tried sushi. That is caviar, very fancy!

    2. I totally understand, I didn’t even try real sushi until after college. Except for the oyster everything had a texture that I was used to from eating sashimi. I am that way with mushrooms and tomatoes though haha. The texture and taste freak me out!

      1. I definitely get the mushroom thing too but I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who is weirded out by the texture of tomatoes haha!

      2. Jon gets very outraged when I pick all the tiny tomato chunks out of the pasta/pizza sauce he makes haha

    1. Thank you! I was not expecting Unagi to be that. I do love eel sauce on my sushi, but was not expecting it in the dessert.

  3. I am impressed how each piece of food looks like a piece of artwork. Everything looks very vibrant and delicious! Someday when we drive up to New York, we would definitely try this place.

  4. I adore seafood and feel sure I would have been in food heaven with every course. Everything looks so well presented and very fresh. Not sure I could pick my favourite – perhaps the king salmon.

    1. You would definitely love this meal! It’s also nice that it’s not fried so you don’t feel so stuffed and gross as after some decadent sushi rolls.

  5. Mmm, what an experience. We love Japanese food, so this would be right up our street. I’d have to pass on the shellfish sadly, but everything else looks delicious and, in true Japanese style, so beautifully presented. I I could only pick one, I’d maybe plump for the Albacore Tuna.

    1. You’d definitely love this! It’s amazing watching them prepare each bite, I could never do that! Tuna is always a solid choice.

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