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Hi friends, welcome back! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I have a fun and delicious restaurant to share with you all today. Mexicue invited Jon and I in to check out their Midtown location last week, and it was an easy yes because we’re always down for Mexican food! Mexicue started as a food truck and now they have three locations in NYC along with spots in Connecticut and Washington DC. We went on a Wednesday at 7pm and the restaurant was packed! It was also always busy while we dined, always a good sign.

Jon and I started our dinner with the seasonal margarita, Hibiscus Passionfruit (tequila blanco, passion fruit liquor, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice, chili hibiscus simple syrup). I love fruity margaritas so I’d definitely order this drink again.

For appetizers we ordered the Classic Nachos piled with poblano queso, slow-simmered black beans, house pickled peppers, cotija, and guajillo chili salsa. These were some of the best nachos we’ve had and were absolutely MASSIVE. You could’ve easily split this between four people. I loved that the chips were crispy and I especially appreciated that all the cheese and topping weren’t only on the top layer. It always seems like a rip-off when most of the “nachos” are just tortilla chips, but that’s definitely not the case at Mexicue!

We also ordered the Grilled Cornbread topped with chipotle butter and mike’s hot honey. I saw a picture of this appetizer on Instagram and I knew we needed it. I’ve never had a desire to order cornbread before, but this was incredible! It looks like French toast and tasted sweet and spicy with the mikes hot honey, so it was hard not to feel like I was eating a sweet breakfast treat. I never thought I’d ever rave about cornbread, but it was amazing!

We were pretty full from the nachos and cornbread, but we saved a tiny bit of room for some tacos. These flour tortillas were only five inches, but boy were they packed to the brim! I ordered the Pulled Pork (smoky pulled pork, corn salsa, jack, creamy chipotle, puffed quinoa) and El Americano (ground beef, puffed quinoa, guajillo chili salsa, lime crema, jack cheese) and they both tasted delicious!

Jon didn’t love his tacos that much, if he had a redo, he would’ve ordered the ones I did. He chose the Nashville Hot Chicken (slaw, corn salsa, creamy chipotle, pickled peppers) and the Burnt Ends Brisket (pickled onions, mexican bbq sauce, scallions).

I’d definitely recommend checking Mexicue out! The prices are very reasonable for NYC, the portions are massive, and it’s a causal, fun atmosphere. It’s a great spot for a date, meeting up with friends, grabbing happy hour with coworkers, or for families of all ages. I’d order both appetizers and the Pulled Pork and El Americano with ground beef again in a heartbeat! What do you think about Mexicue?


18 thoughts on “Mexicue – Delicious NYC Mexican Restaurant

  1. I love Mexican food and this looks fabulous. I may have to pay one of their branches a visit when we’re in NY.

  2. Looks fabulous Lyssy. We always enjoy Mexican food when we travel. As to the tacos flavours, sometimes, restaurants tweak the traditional fillings too much and take away the tastes diners desire. Thanks for sharing. Allan

    1. We hadn’t had Mexican in a while so this was a treat! I agree, sometimes less is more, even when it comes to tacos.

    1. You’re definitely due for some yummy Mexican food! This meal was such a delicious feast 🙂

  3. I also love Mexican, Lyssy, as long as the menu doesn’t stray too far from the basics. Nachos, tacos, fajitas, and enchiladas all work for me (even fish tacos). If “Mexicue” suggests most of their offerings are based on barbecue, I wouldn’t be a fan. I like my Mexican offerings more traditional. Having said that, I’d try the grilled cornbread in a heartbeat.

    1. For some reason I didn’t put the mexican/barbecue together haha. Their nachos and cornbread were out of this world!!

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