Our Wedding – Part Two

Hi friends, welcome back to the wedding recap! If you missed part one, you can check it out here. The official wedding day began a bit overcast with light rain for good luck.  The forecast showed 90*, so we all hoped that would mean a cooler day. My bridal party met at One Society Salon in Northville for hair and makeup and it was such a fun way to start the day!!! We were their first wedding party in over a year and the stylists seemed just as excited as we did. We blasted a wedding reception-esque playlist and everyone had their turn glamming up.

I chose a braided updo and borrowed my friend Danielle’s headband from her wedding. I felt like a princess!

Everyone looked so great and I couldn’t believe the day was finally upon us. The excited buzz in the air made me feel like a child on Christmas morning!

We headed over to the venue afterwards and ate some lunch before getting ready for pictures. The girls got into our robes and popped some champagne! Cheers to finally getting married with my favorite people by my side 🙂

Next up, getting my beautiful dress on! I tried on about ten dresses at the first store we went to and narrowed down to a few possible ones. After trying on this dress again, I knew it was the one. I didn’t have one of those tearful “this is THE ONE” moments, I more so felt relieved I found one I loved. I had so many nightmares about my dress before the wedding, but luckily none came to fruition 🙂 I also had a nightmare nobody danced all night, but that definitely didn’t happen either ha!

I’ll admit this wasn’t the most practical dress, but I absolutely loved it! The dress weighed a ton and I could hardly sit down in it.

Shortly after getting my dress on, I headed downstairs to see Jon for our first look. We decided to do a first look so we could have a special moment together before the blur of the rest of the day. Our ceremony started at 4:30, so it would’ve felt like forever until we could see each other, and it also made pictures easier.

Jon and I decided to privately say our written vows, and then recite the traditional marriage vows during the ceremony. Neither of us thought we could make it through saying them in front of everyone, and we are more private people (ironic since I have a blog ha!). We ended up saying our vows during our first look, and it’s a moment I will cherish forever!

Jon and I dreamed about this moment for so long and it was more special than anything we could’ve imagined.

We continued taking portraits now that we didn’t have to worry about accidentally seeing each other. I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible, but the sun certainly found me.

Group shots with our bridal parties followed.How lucky we are to have such great people by our sides!

My sister Kristen.

My sister Lauren.

Jon’s sister Carly, my Maid of Honor, and my friend since 7th grade. She helped set Jon and I up many years later.

Jon’s youngest sister Brooke.

My friend Beth, we’ve been friends since we were in preschool and lived together two years at MSU.

My friend Danielle, we’ve been friends since high school and lived together two years at MSU.

The guys! Greg (post-grad roommate and friend), David (best man and friend since middle school), Eddie (post-grad roommate and friend), and Logan (cousin).

Us girls were laughing watching the guys take this picture 🙂

The entire bridal party.

Jon’s cousins Ben and Will served as our adorable ring bearers. Back in middle school and high school, Carly and I used to visit their Aunt Linda and Uncle David in Chicago, so it was special to have their kids in the wedding. Who would’ve thought that years from then I’d be part of the family 🙂

Then our parents came out for some pictures. We are so lucky to have such amazing parents that helped make this day so special!

At this point it was almost 90* outside, so we headed back inside to get refreshed before the ceremony! Not quite a horse and carriage 😉

Thanks so much for reading and all of the love on my last post!! Stay tuned for the final installment <3 All pictures of the wedding were taken by my photographer Aubrey Grace


27 thoughts on “Our Wedding – Part Two

  1. Such a beautiful event. Gorgeous photos, and evidence of such love between the two of you and your tribe. Best wishes as you forge ahead in this adventure of life.

  2. A magnificent day in all respects, Lyssy!!! The phots and your narrative really capture the joy, excitement, and love surrounding your special day. The black & white photos are especially striking.

    1. Thank you so much, John!! I love the black and white pictures, they always look so classic. Still trying to figure out how to make another gallery wall.

  3. There seems to be such a deep connection with the members of the bridal party, it is so embedded in your lives. Beautiful photos for a beautiful day.

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