Magnolia Bakery & the West Side Highway

Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog. This weekend was one of the first warm weekends in NYC and we took full advantage! I love exploring the city, especially when the weather is warmer. This weekend we went to Magnolia Bakery and then walked back home along the West Side Highway. Both were new experiences to me and I had such a great day!fullsizeoutput_167dfullsizeoutput_1689

On Instagram I saw a post for this cake from Magnolia Bakery, and I really wanted to try it. I showed it to Jon and he was also intrigued so we hopped on the subway to the West Village. There was surprisingly no line, so we were in and out of there in less than five minutes. The bakery is pretty small, so it could be overwhelming if there were a ton of people.fullsizeoutput_1692fullsizeoutput_1672fullsizeoutput_1675

Everything there looked so good! I would like to try one of these icebox pie bars, they looked delicious!fullsizeoutput_1674

We got the coveted caramel cake and it was MASSIVE! I’m glad we planned on sharing it and not getting our own or I would’ve had a major sugar overload!IMG_3136_polarrIMG_3133_polarr

The cake was delicious! The frosting was very light and airy, and you could really taste the brown sugar in the actual cake. I’d never had a brown sugar cake and really liked it. (I must say the caramel frosting didn’t compare to my mom’s famous caramel frosting)fullsizeoutput_1677

After we finished the giant treat, we decided to walk home along the West Side Highway. This is a walking area along the Hudson River the runs from 72ndstreet all the way down to Battery Park – the southern tip of Manhattan. We walked from 11thstreet to the bottom.fullsizeoutput_1679

That’s Jersey City, NJ across the river

There were so many people running and enjoying the nice weather. There were also quite a few parks, basketball courts, and tennis courts along the way. Everyone was out and about enjoying the spring weather,  it was such a nice day!fullsizeoutput_168a.jpeg

I loved being able to see the Freedom Tower the whole time. I never get tired of looking at this building.fullsizeoutput_1684fullsizeoutput_1690.jpeg

I also loved all the greenery along the way! It made for a great background to some yoga poses 🙂fullsizeoutput_1685fullsizeoutput_1686fullsizeoutput_167cfullsizeoutput_168bfullsizeoutput_168d

We could see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island too!fullsizeoutput_1687fullsizeoutput_1688

We had such a fun day enjoying our treat and walking along the West Side Highway!

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