Last Days in Portland

Friday morning we didn’t have to leave early to hike, so I went out to breakfast by myself. It was a nice and quiet breakfast by myself, and the food was delicious! I got walnut bread, scrambled eggs, and potatoes. I was STUFFED afterwards. I went to Love Joy Café and it was so cute and cozy inside.

We rented Nike bikes for the morning to see the city. The bikes were free for 90 minutes all May, so we definitely took advantage of that. This ride was tough because of all the hills!! It started pretty easy because we were going downhill towards the river.

We parked our bikes and got lunch from food trucks. Most of the options were Greek, Chinese, or Thai. Lauren and I got a chicken gyro plate, my dad and Kris got Thai, and my mom got a margherita pizza. The weather was perfect so we were able to eat outside at a little café area.

We walked home and passed the soccer stadium that’s in downtown Portland. My sister has been to some games and said it gets pretty crowded.

This is from our hotel balcony and in the very back you can see some white, that’s Mount Hood. I didn’t have time to see it, maybe another time. It’s so cool how the mountain just shows up when the clouds go away.

We went out to dinner at Bridgeport Brew Pub and I loved their sustainable menu. I wish Michigan and New York were as environmentally friendly as Oregon.

I ordered a chicken salad that was pretty good. My dad got oysters and fries, they were very intriguing looking. I had a fry and the sauce on them was delicious!

After dinner, we biked to Salt & Straw. I was really excited because my mom had been talking about it for a while and how good it was. The line was relatively long, but moved fast. I ordered the Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons in a waffle cone and loved it! In my mind, ice cream is always a good idea 😀

We were eating our ice cream outside and Zack from Little People, Big World walked by. Kris was so star struck, it was pretty funny.


On my last day before heading home we rented a van and drove to the coast. We first stopped in a little town called Astoria. There’s a famous column that you can climb 164 spiral stairs (I got SO dizzy!) to get amazing views of Portland and the Pacific Ocean.

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The views were incredible!

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We then headed to Cannon Beach to see Haystack Rock. It’s one of the most famous landmarks in Portland. It was pretty cold on the beach, nobody was swimming.

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We were so hungry so we went to Driftwood for dinner. Thanks to grandma for treating us to this great meal 🙂 I ordered the house white wine that was as big as my head! I also (to no surprise) ordered the Pacific Coho Salmon that was delicious!

My mom ordered the Halibut and my sisters ordered ribs. It was such a great way to end the vacation with the family. The next morning I flew out at 11:30 and didn’t have time for any activities. I had such a wonderful trip and highly recommend visiting Portland!

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