Weekly Workouts 6/11 – 6/17

This week I got a squat personal record of 190 pounds! It surprisingly didn’t feel that hard at all. When I got my last PR it was a grinder for sure! I’ve gotten creative with my accessory movements and utilizing  a lot of exercises on the cable machine and with dumbbells. I must say, the…

Top Five Ab Exercises

The key to having defined abs is truly diet related. Unfortunately, you can’t just do some crunches and have a six pack. However, I do believe that it’s important to do ab exercises and have a strong core. I only directly train abs maybe once a week, but when I do compound lifts such as…

Guilt Free: 5 Ingredient Sloppy Joes

I’m currently obsessed with this recipe! I’ve had a serving every day for the last week, and I’m not ashamed. I choose not to eat red meat so I have to make new recipes with turkey and chicken, otherwise I’ll get sick of them and have to rely on eggs and protein powder to reach my daily…

Weekly Workouts 6/4 – 6/10

Happy Monday friends! This week was my first round of morning workouts since the move. It feels great to be back into a routine, I definitely need that. We have a gym in the apartment, so it makes my morning workouts so much easier, and I can get an extra 45 minutes of sleep 🙌🏻….

Guilt Free: Black Bean Avocado Brownies

This recipe has been almost a year in the making. Last July Jon and I made these brownies and we’ve been talking about making them again ever since! These black bean brownies are great because they don’t have any added sugar or artificial ingredients. They are also full of healthy fat and fiber, and don’t contain gluten or dairy….

Our First Anniversary

Jon and I celebrated our one-year anniversary last Tuesday. He suggested that we make dinner together at the apartment so that we wouldn’t have to worry about other people sitting right on top of us. Sometimes it’s a little awkward how close the tables are at restaurants here, it’s like you’re on a double date….

Weekly Workouts 5/28 – 6/3

This was my first week working out in NYC and it went very well. A year ago I could barely bench 115# for one rep, and this week I got three reps with 115#. I’ve consistently been on a program the past year with a goal of getting stronger. I held the vision of being…